WordPress Updates and Nightly Backups

How long has it been since you updated your WordPress site?

When it’s kept up to date, WordPress is a dependable and powerful content management system. But just like programs on your laptop or apps on your tablet or phone, WordPress requires regular updates.

When your WordPress core files, added plugins, and themes are out of date, your website is vulnerable to hacking, unauthorized access, hijacking, and damaging code changes. Repairing an infected WordPress site can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. No one ever imagines that bad weather could come when the sun is still out.

The WordPress Upkeep plan makes it easy for you to sleep soundly knowing that your site is as safe as it can be.

Your WordPress website will be constantly monitored. New updates will be applied at least once a month. Security and bug fix updates will be applied within 24 hours. For added protection, just in case something does happen, your website will always have a fresh and recent backup.

Imagine never worrying about whether your site has been hacked.

Here are all the tasks that you'll never have to think about again


Uptime Monitoring - Never get caught by surprise. If your site goes down, I'll know. Then I'll get to work immediately to put it back online as soon as possible.

Daily Backups - Backups are stored securely off-site. If your hosting account has a problem, you're still covered.

Daily Malware Scanning - Daily scans of WordPress core files, third-party plugins, and themes.

File Change Detection - Daily comparison of WordPress core files, third-party plugins, and themes against the WordPress repository.

Weekly and Monthly

Weekly WordPress Core, Third-party Plugin, and Theme Updates - You'll always have the latest updates and security patches provided by WordPress and third-party plugin developers.

Monthly Performance Checks - Always know that your website is loading fast for your customers. I'll run a performance review of your website using standard benchmarking tools Google Pagespeed and Yahoo YSlow.


Quarterly Backup Verification - What good are backups if they don't work? Every quarter I check your most recent backup and run a test restore of your website.

Quarterly Database Optimization - Adding and editing content, post revisions, and comment spam can bloat your database and make your website sluggish. Every quarter I optimize your site's database to keep it running smoothly.


Annual Plugin and Theme Review - WordPress isn't going anywhere any time soon. The same can't always be said about third-party plugin and theme developers.

Every year I review plugins and themes on your site and make sure that they're actively developed and maintained. I'll advise replacements if they're necessary.

Security and Performance Review

As soon as you sign up for WordPress Upkeep, I'll perform a complete review of your site and make the recommended improvements.


  • Malware Scan
  • Plugin and Theme Vulnerability Scan
  • Firewall Installation
  • Login Security
  • SSL Certificate Installation (if available)
  • Blacklist Monitoring


  • Website Loading Speed Test
  • Remove Inactive Plugins and Themes
  • Image Optimization
  • CSS and Javascript Minification
  • Browser Caching
  • Database Optimization

Additional Improvements

  • Connect Google Analytics
  • Connect Google Webmaster Tools
  • Broken Link Check

WordPress Upkeep only comes in one Complete package.

This isn't a sales tactic and the reason I offer only one package is simple. Any lower cost packages would necessarily have fewer features. By purchasing only partial coverage you would expose your website to security threats. Which options would I remove? The malware scan? Browser caching? Login security? You might already see the problem that I'm leading to.

WordPress Upkeep includes all of the universally acknowledged security measures. However, if there is a feature that you'd like to see included in WordPress Upkeep, let me know.

WordPress Upkeep is a 12-month agreement, billed monthly or yearly.

As soon as you sign up, you'll have the option to pay $80 monthly or $960 annually. If you choose to pay annually, I'll send your first invoice that will cover the next 12 months. Then I get to work securing your site. Your signup date will be our anniversary. In a year on this date, your plan will automatically renew and a new invoice will be issued. If you choose to pay monthly, be sure to let me know which day you prefer my invoice to be issued.

WordPress Upkeep costs only $80/month for most websites.

I say "Only $80/month" because this is an almost insignificantly small amount compared to the cost of repairing or replacing a hacked or infected website. And if you sell online, think of the damage to your reputation in the eyes of your customers. How much would that cost?

"Most websites" means most websites. Some factors that may require an increase in this price include traffic volume, website size, number of plugins installed, use of a custom theme, and so on.

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