Get Your Old WordPress Site Into Shape

How long has it been since you updated your WordPress site?

Here's what we'll do together...

Improve your ROI

Here's what we'll be collaborating together on for your WordPress site:

  1. Initial on-boarding session to discuss your goals
  2. Website audit to identify issues holding you back
  3. Implementation of fixes, optimization tweaks, and quick wins
  4. A report of all changes made
  5. Periodic follow-ups over the next 12 months to check on your progress.

Turn Your WordPress Site Into A Revenue Generating Machine

A typical WordPress Overhaul will see 30—40 changes aimed at improving your site's performance, usability, SEO, and design. Some examples include:

  1. Optimizing images for faster load times
  2. Auditing content and meta tags to boost SEO
  3. Adding white space to allow content to breathe
  4. Removing distracting elements
  5. Adding or rewriting calls to action
  6. Adding trust signals for credibility
  7. Improving readability
  8. Updating layouts to focus attention
  9. Suggesting new headlines and tag lines
  10. Even proofreading or your copy
  11. Most importantly: you're getting a better business

Ready To Get More Out Of Your WordPress Site?


What will you do exactly?

The first step to every WordPress Overhaul is simple: I go to your current website as if I was a regular visitor and try to schedule your service, buy your product, sign up for your email list, and use your contact form. I make a note every single thing that confuses or distracts me away from completing these tasks. Solving just those problems can be enough to double a site's conversion rates.

What if I want revisions on my WordPress Overhaul?

We expect that you'll want to tweak your store when we're done, so every WordPress Overhaul includes one round of revisions.

How do you know you can boost my conversion rate?

We've worked on dozens of WordPress sites and more than a hundred websites other than WordPress. If I can't come up with at least 25 ways to improve your store, we won't take on the project.

Is my business a good fit for a WordPress Overhaul?

If you have an existing WordPress site and want to create a better experience for your customers that results in more sales, then you're a good fit.

What if I need help with small, one-time tasks?

I have ongoing relationships with dozens of clients and perform smaller tasks for them all the time. I can fit you in too.

I have a bigger project, can you help me?

Yep. Contact me directly and we can talk about your bigger WordPress project.

Do you work with non-WordPress sites?

Mostly no. I've worked almost exclusively with WordPress for the last 8 years or so. However, WordPress isn't the only tool in the box. Be assured that I'll let you know if something other than WordPress will work better for you.

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