Custom WordPress Design and Site Building

A complete web solution for product and service businesses that want to look professional to their customers, get more leads, make more sales, and a have better search presence.

A custom WordPress site is for you if any of these apply:

  • You have a clear plan for your business website and want expert help to put your plan into action.

  • You have an outdated website built on an old platform, with a website builder like Squarespace and want more freedom, or a site built using custom code and you want to move to WordPress.

  • You understand that building a website is a collaborative creative effort that involves asking and answering significant and sometimes complex questions.

Custom WordPress Website Design and Site Building

What You'll Get When You Work With Me

If you’ve been shopping around looking for someone you can trust to build your new website then you’ve seen a lot of descriptions about all the things those designers do for you. I do it too when I talk about what you get when you work with me.

What you won’t see much of is simple, straight talk about how any of those things will help you or your business. This is the difference between features and benefits.

When you’re thinking about upgrading your internet connection, the feature they try to sell is the 60mbs download speed. But what does that mean to most people? The benefit of the faster connection is that you can have 5 people blissfully streaming video at the same time. If having that many connected users matters to you, then you don’t really care what the download speed is.

I treat my site building services the same way.

WordPress Expertise

I’ve been working designing and building websites for more than 10 years. The last 6 have been almost exclusively with WordPress. That means I’ve been around the block a few times. I know the best plugins, themes, web hosts, and ecommerce options for just about every situation.


My business is built on the confidence that my clients have in me. I create long-term relationships with them. I have some that span nearly the entire 10+ years that I’ve been in business. I’m happy to put you in touch with some of them if you want a personal reference.


I’ll teach you to use every single feature that I build into your site. You’ll never need to worry that you won’t be able use your website or update your content. We can talk over Google Hangouts or Skype and share screens so you will see me demonstrate everything that I’m teaching.

Concern for Your Success

I want your website to be an amazing success! Nothing would make me happier than for you to have so much traffic that you need to upgrade your hosting plan. Then I want to put your testimonial about how much I helped you on my site!

Ongoing Support

Once your project is done and your gorgeous new site is launched, I’ll still be here to make sure that your site is working. I offer ongoing WordPress maintenance and support or you can hire me for smaller jobs and pay as you go.


This might seem like a silly benefit to mention but I don’t think so. I’ve worked with a lot of clients. More than a few of them have had very adversarial relationships with website designers and developers in the past. That has never been my experience. Even when I’ve had a bad day, I don’t believe in passing that along to anyone else in my life. Some call this professionalism. I just think of it as natural.

Some Custom Built WordPress Sites

My clients are teachers, guides, and the creators of exceptional products