Fixed Price Services To Grow Your Sales, Get More Appointments, and Generate Leads

All my core services are packaged with low risk, fixed prices. Fixed prices mean no surprise invoices. You’ll know exactly how much something costs before you see the bill.

Strategy and Online Marketing

1 on 1 Strategic Planning Roadmap

Starting at $495

Growing your business, retaining old customers, and finding new ones are business decisions. The best business decisions are based on research and planning.

The 1 on 1 Strategic Planning Roadmap is a colloboration between you and me. We will work together closely to refine your business and brand goals and then find a route to you get there. This means evaluating what is currently working for you and what is not. We’ll discuss what has worked for you in the past and where you want your business to go.

If you’re not sure what you need to do next, this is just for you. If you’re frustrated reading endless blog posts and jumping from tactic to tactic, this for you too.

This is a one-off engagement that will give you insights and actionable steps to help grow your business. It also a great way for us to get to know each other. At the end of this process, you will receive a full review of everything we discuss along with specific and actionable steps tailored just for you and your business.

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Social Networking Packages

Starting at $200 setup cost + $500/month

We start by learning your business needs and describe how social media will help meet your goals. We research your industry and the social media presence of your market and your competition.

The helps us to create a plan to best reach your market, encourage engagement with professionals in your field and track their activity.

We’ll set up profiles for the selected social media networks. This includes uploading profile and banner images and adding contact and bio copy.

After launching the campaign we will:

  • Write posts and/or share curated content from other sources. Respond to comments and other interactions from fans and followers.
  • Monitor and continually research content to quickly identify new activities in the industry and market.
  • Regularly monitor your social media analytics including new fans and followers, comments, and content activity.
  • Monthly reporting on all social media account activity.
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Facebook Sales Funnel

$500 setup, then $100/month while the campaign runs

We create a custom, done-for-you Facebook advertising campaign that will help you sell more. Connect to new customers, drive traffic to your products, and get more subscribers to your email list.

We’ll take your existing materials and design an ad campaign, adding a custom, segmented targeted audience, and retargeting ads to your past customers and website visitors.

We advise you on an appropriate ad budget that considers your business and audience. During the campaign, we’ll send you detailed reports that show you exactly how effective the ad is and how much traffic it drives.

WordPress Setup and Design

WordPress Design and Site Building

Starting at $2595

Your website has the important job of representing your business or organization 24 hours a day! Design isn’t simply decoration. A well built website is pivotal to get more customers. Good design beautifully showcases your products and delivers your message the way you intend it.

This is a fully integrated strategy, design, and development package.

I work closely with you to refine your online goals for your business and help you find a route to get there. We begin with strategic planning to understand what is currently working for you and your business and what isn’t. This is an iterative process where together we plan, design, create, launch, and review the results.

This package includes:

  • Complete 1 on 1 Strategic Planning
  • Sitemap + Wireframes
  • User experience flowchart (depending on project)
  • Mockups (depending on project)
  • WordPress website build
  • Cross-browser/device testing
  • Beta site review
  • Launch!

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WordPress Overhaul

Starting at $895

Don’t believe any hype that you have to throw out your WordPress site and start from scratch. Instead of just tossing out your existing website, overhaul it.

We increase your conversions by putting your WordPress website through an exhaustive review to discover every problem area. We’ll look at your traffic patterns, identify your best traffic sources, and give you a clear picture of where your site is succeeding and where it fails.

Don’t think of this as a budget service. This is a highly targeted and thorough clean-up operation.

This package is a great fit for you if you’re not a professional designer and built your own website or you have an older site that isn’t delivering the results you need.

This package includes:

  • A thorough review of your website design, structure, copy, and SEO
  • Sitemap for proposed changes
  • One-time WordPress core update and security configuration
  • Implementation of accepted changes
  • Thorough recommendations for future improvements

This package can literally save you $1,000s compared with completely replacing your site.

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WordPress Maintenance and Support

Starting at $80/month

You’re already sold on using WordPress for your business. (Good call!) But when’s the last time you updated it?

How about making regular back-ups? What’s your plan there?

Sucuri, the website security experts, have found that over 50% of the infected websites they’ve discovered were out of date.

Losing time and money spent dealing with an infected website is almost totally avoidable.

Regularly updating WordPress and any third party plugins is the single most effective way to prevent unauthorized access to your site and hacking.

When you’re thinking about the cost of regular website maintenance and updating by a professional, just ask yourself:

“How much would it cost me if my site was down for an hour, a day, or a week?”

WordPress Upkeep is a complete done-for-you WordPress update and backup Plan. Never worry about your site again. That’s priceless.

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Ongoing WordPress Support and Improvements

Starting at $95/month (Depending on your website’s size and the number of changes)

Need small changes to your website every month? I can be your on-call website manager.

Contact me to make small changes to your website like adding or replacing an image, uploading new copy, or adding a new article to your blog.

The total monthly cost is based on how often you need changes made to your site.

Contact me for a specific details and a full pricing sheet.

Digital Workbooks and Guides

Maybe you’re more of a do-it-yourselfer. Or you just might want to learn more about how I think before you sign up for a package or service. Either way, my workbooks and guides are priced economically and deliver a great ROI.

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