WordPress - A CMS that is both free and priceless

Why Is Almost Everything Here Built With WordPress?

From a design and site-building perspective, WordPress has by far been the most enjoyable CMS I have used. The tens of thousands of plugins available mean that my clients need to pay for custom development only when they need something very specific.

I've built websites using a lot of different tools. My first sites were hand built with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I moved on from there to build many sites with Joomla and Drupal 6 & 7. I still support the work that I did on those sites and occasionally take on new Drupal projects from time to time.

All this experience has confirmed that for 90% of the clients I've encountered, WordPress is the best fit. In general, my advice is that if you need a really simple website and need it fast, use Squarespace. If you need something that's fairly complex with a fairly advanced set of tools, use Drupal or go entirely custom.

If you need a website that can be:

  • Designed and built relatively quickly,
  • Has the features you need for your business,
  • Can be customized just the way you need it to be, and
  • Doesn't cost a fortune to maintain,

WordPress is absolutely the way to go.

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