My Napa Valley Driver

My Napa Valley Driver

Chris Pittman, the owner and lead guide for My Napa Valley Driver, saw a need for tour services in California’s wine country that didn’t rely on high-priced limos or luxury SUVs. He thought that wine country tours could be done better.

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Beyond the Label - Sean Ondes

Beyond the Label

EDEN BodyWorks launched this campaign to give women a voice so they might be known for living beyond the labels placed upon them daily. #beyondthelabel

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MorYoga - David Moreno - Sean Ondes - Online Marketing + WordPress Design


David Moreno of MorYoga is recognized worldwide as a knowledgeable and artistic teacher of classical Hatha yoga.

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CurlyChic - Sean Ondes


When CurlyKids realized that their products were popular with teens and young adults, they saw an opportunity to build something special. By creating a new line designed specifically for this market they were able to meet this demand.

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CurlyKids Hair Care - Sean Ondes - Online Marketing + WordPress Design



CurlyKids has grown wildly from their original backyard vision to create hair care products for mixed ethnicity kids. They now have their products on the shelves of major and independent retailers worldwide.

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Made Beautiful - Sean Ondes

Made Beautiful

Made Beautiful is a minority owned company developing products that help women to honor their true beauty. Their passion is to empower women to have both inner and outer transformations resulting in customers embracing their natural beauty.

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WordPress - A CMS that is both free and priceless

Why Is Almost Everything Here Built With WordPress?

From a design and site-building perspective, WordPress has by far been the most enjoyable CMS I have used. The tens of thousands of plugins available mean that my clients need to pay for custom development only when they need something very specific.

I've built websites using a lot of different tools. My first sites were hand built with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I moved on from there to build many sites with Joomla and Drupal 6 & 7.

All this experience has confirmed that for 90% of the clients I've encountered, WordPress is the best fit. In general, my advice is that if you need a really simple website and need it fast, use Squarespace. If you need something that's fairly complex with a fairly advanced set of tools, use Drupal or go entirely custom.

If you need a website that can be:

  • Designed and built relatively quickly,
  • Has the features you need for your business,
  • Can be customized just the way you need it to be, and
  • Doesn't cost a fortune to maintain,

WordPress is absolutely the way to go.

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