How To Build Your Own Conference

By Sean Ondes

Shake Up Your World

Conferences can put you on the inside track with the latest ideas, give you a first hand intro to a new tool (sometimes from the people who made it!), give you a chance to meet the people behind the blogs you follow, and more, and more.

Sometimes tight schedules, family obligations, not much of a budget, or trouble getting out of town for three days can keep us from getting all that good stuff. Not being able to attend a conference doesn’t mean you have to totally miss out on *all* of the good stuff. You can build your own conference and listen to it on the road, on a run, while you’re working, or straightening up the house.

Credit where it’s due: I shamelessly took this idea from Chris Brogan’s Owner’s Mind podcast. I’m not sure about which episode it was so just binge listen to them all! If you figure it out, tell me so I can update the link.

Always Be Learning

The key is to always be learning. This is professional development time! Pick a soft spot in the way you understand your business. Maybe it’s lead generation or content marketing or you could mix it up. Build your own conference and learn something new.

If you’re missing the part of conferences when you have the chance to bump into those cool people who make cool things then get busy in Facebook groups, find them on Twitter. Don’t be shy. Tell them how great you think that thing they did was! Or just tell everybody about the thing and don’t forget to mention where to find it. However you do it, just talk to people.

Here’s my BYOC playlist for today.

Seth Godin – Seth Godin’s Startup School

Making Ideas Travel

Mitch Jackson – Human.Social

Guy Kawasaki, Peg Fitzpatrick and the Iolani high school story 🙂

Chris Brogan

SUCCESS secrets you were NOT taught with Jim Keenan

The Business of Freelancing

Selling Through Teaching With Nathan Barry

A lot of these links are on Stitcher. Maybe some of you have been using it for a long time but I just found out about it. It’s pretty great!

I’d love to hear about the podcasts that you listen to. Email me at or drop me a line with the contact form. I’ll always get back to you.


Photo by Len Matthews.

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