Learn to Reach out to Your Customers and Clients, Get More Subscribers, and Grow Your Business

Are you wondering how you can take your business off life support?

You don’t have a problem with working hard. You know that that’s what it takes to run a business. But what needs to be done? Hard work without a plan can leave you just turning in circles.

Now what to do? Give up and pack it in?

I’ve been there too. I don’t think you should let go of your dream so easily. You can turn this around! You have your business plan already but what about marketing? If you think that you can’t fit it into your budget then you’ve got it all backwards.

Marketing is something that you can’t afford not to do. But it doesn’t have to painful or even very expensive. And good marketing is almost totally transparent to your customers.

That means as your customers are visiting your website, reading your Facebook posts, checkout out your Tweets, and browsing your Pinterest boards, they don’t get the idea that you’re selling to them.

This all sound good so far?

This is why I’m building the Small Business Online Kickstart. It’s an “online” kickstart because that is where almost all the action is. And it’s also a source of pain for a lot of small business owners. It’s understandable. There is a lot to learn and the clock is ticking. Think of the Small Business Online Kickstart as an aspirin for your digital marketing headache.

Now the Online Kickstart isn’t finished yet. Sign up for updates about the Kickstart’s progress and I’ll let you know how it’s coming along.

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