Get In Touch

I’m here and ready to answer your questions. Send me a message and we can set up a time to talk.

I reply to emails in a timely fashion but I don’t live in my inbox. I don’t think that’s a healthy or effective way to work. I can teach you how to tame your email too!

Best Reasons To Contact Me

You’re running a small business and you need some advice about growing your web traffic and increasing conversions. Or, you want some free advice about those things. I’m totally happy to do that too!

I work almost exclusively with smaller businesses. This is where my passion lies. Whether you identify as a small business, startup, sole proprietor, entrepreneur, or solopreneur and you want to grow your business in a sustainable way, chances are we’ll be a good fit.

Worst Reasons To Contact Me

Cold sales emails and link building “opportunities”.

If you’re trying to sell something to me, then please think twice before contacting me. In short, think about your audience (me). Whatever you’re pitching had better be something extraordinarily great. It should help me lead a more fulfilling life, make more money, revolutionize the way I conduct business, improve the way I schedule my time, or improve my love life.

If it’s not one of those, then don’t waste your time. I’ll just put your email in my special circular file.

Everyone else: pass along your details and let’s get to work!