My Napa Valley Driver

Chris Pittman, the owner and lead guide for My Napa Valley Driver, saw a need for tour services in California's wine country that didn't rely on high-priced limos or luxury SUVs. He thought that wine country tours could be done better.

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Sean Ondes - My Napa Valley Driver Chris Pittman Owner, My Napa Valley Driver

About Chris Pittman and My Napa Valley Driver

Chris chose a different model from the other tour services that he saw. He thought “I know all the great, hidden away wineries that only locals know about. But instead of buying a Beemer or an Escalade and charging $150 an hour like everyone else, why not let people use their own car and let me drive it for them? If they fly in, I could even drive their rental car.” Chris’ bet paid off. He started off as the sole driver and guide for My Napa Valley Driver around 2010. Now he’s fully booked year-round and can have up to six drivers working at once during the height of the tourist season. My Napa Valley Driver -

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Sean Ondes

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