David Moreno of MorYoga is recognized worldwide as a knowledgeable and artistic teacher of classical Hatha yoga.

About MorYoga and David Moreno

David Moreno of MorYoga has taught in the United States and internationally at yoga conferences, festivals, universities, and teacher training programs worldwide. He has had private students in the fashion and entertainment industries and has trained world-class athletes — including the coaches of the 2004 and 2008 Olympics U.S. Men’s Swim Team. David leads annual yoga retreats to beautiful locations in the United States and international destinations such as India and Jordan. We worked together so I could understand his business and aesthetic objectives and then create a website that reflects his personality and his goal to present his products appealingly and streamline registration for his local and international yoga retreats.

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As a teacher, author, and yoga personality, David himself is at the center of the MorYoga brand. When he first approached me in 2011, he had a vision of exactly the image he wanted to project. The existing MorYoga website had an outdated appearance and was built using static HTML. The old construction made it very difficult for David to keep the site up to date and promote his latest events. A website with a design that is long overdue for an update can make visitors lose confidence and think the site has been abandoned. That can be a disaster for someone running and expanding a business. MorYoga needed a new, more attractive design built on a modern content management system. This would freshen up MorYoga’s online image and empower David to manage the content and update the site himself. WordPress with a custom designed theme were the obvious choices for a foundation.


My first steps are always to identify the most obvious limitations. Next, I thoroughly interview the client to probe deeper and try to discover something more significant about them and their business. Discussions revealed that modernizing and managing the website was only some of David’s concerns. He had long wanted to expand the site to include new sections and provide much more information about himself and his class offerings.
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A Better Way To Register For Retreats

We were mindful that registering for events online can often be a painful experience. After exploring options to allow David’s students to register for his yoga retreats, we decided that all the known methods of managing registrations on the site had significant drawbacks. To streamline retreat registrations and make the effort as easy as possible for David’s students we decided to offload the process to a third-party service. After another research phase, we discovered WeTravel. The results were amazing. Both David and his students couldn’t be happier with their service. Considering the costs in time, effort, and transaction fees from managing registrations in-house, the small amount WeTravel charges for their service makes them by far the better choice.

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