CurlyKids specializes in creating hair care products for children with "kinky, coily, and curly hair"

About CurlyKids

When they approached me, CurlyKids was already thriving in the extremely competitive world of health and beauty products by focusing on a very specific niche. They reached their success by staying close to their roots and always remembering the kids they want to help. To recognize their greatest fans and strongest community members, CurlyKids maintains an extremely active group of brand ambassadors. They needed a website that would show off their projects. But instead of putting all the focus only there, they also wanted to make sure that their ambassadors got plenty of screen space. CurlyKids Hair Care - CurlyKids has grown wildly from its founder’s original backyard vision to create hair care products for mixed ethnicity kids. They now have products on the shelves of major and independent retailers worldwide. CurlyKids had already worked hard to develop solid relationships with retailers when they approached me.

They had two main goals: CurlyKids needed a website that would represent their growing brand and they wanted to start selling online so they could reach out to the customers that couldn’t get their products in stores. CurlyKids Hair Care - Target -

Worldwide Retailers

CurlyKids products occupy shelf space in over 10,000 retail locations around the world. To make it easy for its customers to find their products in stores they needed a robust, interactive retailer map. CurlyKids Hair Care - Retailer Map -

Sean Ondes