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Never Fail Guide to Moving a WordPress Site

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The first time I tried to move a website from one web host to another it was a total disaster. The file transfer failed part of the way through because of a janky internet connection. I ended up completely trashing the website that I was trying to move. It was such a mess that I ended up scrapping the entire thing.

To be fair to my past self, the part about the internet connection wasn’t my fault. Where I really messed up was in how I handled my backups. I got files mixed up, ended up overwriting important configuration files, and basically ended up with a steaming pile of error pages.

Luckily, there was no great loss. The wrecked website was part of a personal project that I really should have given up long before anyway. At that time, I was years away from becoming the professional that I am now. I hardly had any idea what I was doing.

The experience stuck with me. My record migrating websites since then is undefeated.

The essential difference between what I do now compared to how I operated back then is that now I use a system. Systems are great. I use them whenever and wherever I can.

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Look Like A Pro On Twitter

Quick Twitter Profile Updates That Will Make You Look Like A Pro (With Examples)

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After being in business for just a couple years, you probably have almost a dozen social media profiles. They all take some time to maintain.

That’s at least one explanation of why there are so many awful Twitter profiles.

Even if you don’t live on Twitter like, ahem, some people, your profile does. There it is sitting there every minute of every hour of every day. Year in and year out it’s there standing in for you.

Of course, you’re short on time. Yes, it takes a little time to fix your profile. That time is nothing compared to the damage that a bad profile can do.

In this article, you’ll see some specific actions you can take to improve your profile today. We’re focusing mainly on your professional Twitter profile and not as much about your company’s page. Though this checklist will apply just as much there too! Think about Elon Musk’s Twitter profile versus the Tesla or Space X company profiles.Read More

Improve Your Search Engine Rank

Improve Your Search Engine Rank With These Easy SEO Fixes

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How Can Improving A Website’s Search Rank Be Easy?

There are dozens and dozens of advanced ways to improve search engine rank. I use (and teach) many of them with my own clients. Many SEO companies charge thousands and tens of thousands of dollars to the world’s top brands for applying these techniques with the hope of moving a site’s rank up a few notches.

Out of those dozens of SEO fixes, there are a few that stand out as both extremely effective and relatively easy. They’re easy enough for almost anybody to set them up. Anyone who has worked with me knows that when I’m trying to improve a website’s rank, I always look first for the crossroads of effective and easy.

Starting at these crossroads means that you can make a few small(ish) changes that will deliver noticeable results in a website’s rank.

But first, here’s an intro into what search engine rank is and how it affects you.

What is Search Engine Rank?

Simply put, search engine rank is the position that a website appears in a search results page. A search results page is known as the SERP. To say that a page “ranks well” means that the web page is toward the top of the search results.

Though “search engine rank” can be generically applied to any search engine from Bing, to Yahoo, to Duck Duck Go, just about everyone is really just talking about Google.

It’s not news to anyone that Google has, does, and probably will dominate the search market for some time to come. So even though you might be searching using one of the other search engines, when you hear “SERP”, think about how your site will appear on Google’s search results page.

A more complicated explanation of SERP includes a number of Search Engine Ranking Factors that are thought to be part of Google’s search algorithm. There’s a lot of speculation about how Google ranks a website because no one except Google knows for sure. Their search algorithm is their intellectual property and they keep it quite private.

Here’s a run down placed in order of influence of the top 4 widely used search engine ranking factors from MOZ.

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Write A Great About Page - Sean Ondes

How To Write A Great About Page

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A lot of people coming to your site will want to learn more about you. What they read can make or break your relationship with them. Your “About page”, often neglected or quickly added is usually only an afterthought. It can be one of the most effective and influential pages on your site.

Are you putting off writing it? Worried that it’ll be awful? Uncomfortable talking about yourself? You’re going to have to get over it.

You’re running a business (or at least you want to). You don’t have the option anymore of not talking about yourself and what you’re working on. You have to be able to talk about yourself and you have to be interesting.

Down below, I’ll give an exact outline that you can use for your About page. But first, let’s cover some general “good writing” advice. You can apply this everywhere you need to write copy.

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Finally Finish Your Website Content - Sean Ondes

Finish Writing Your Website Content With This Template

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Good content does more than rank well in searches. It can inform your website visitors and give them a reason to trust you. Ultimately it can convert those visitors into leads which eventually turn into sales.

Linking the quality of your website content directly to your sales in an important mental connection. Internalizing this connection will motivate you to spend the necessary time that it takes to make your copy great.

Before we get into how to prepare good copy, let’s spend a few moments looking at what can make it bad (if not truly awful).

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